Sim City Social Fix

In Sim City Social, certain quests require posting to your wall and having friends click on a given link. Recently, these posts stopped appearing on my wall despite the game telling me otherwise. In digging around, I discovered Facebook was rejecting the postings because too many users had reported them to be spam.

The following is a work around to the issue. If you are interested in using it, it requires using the Google Chrome browser which can be downloaded from here:

This will look and seem a bit technical, but it’s actually a very easy work around that will only take a few minutes to get through on your first time through.

1. Open Sim City Social in Google Chrome.
You need to open the “Developer Tools” which can done by clicking CTL+Shift+I on a PC or navigating to them from the wrench menu as shown below.

2. Click the “Network” tab of Developer Tools
This is across the top of the new Developer Tools window that has opened.  By default you start on the “Elements” tab.

3. Click the Post to Wall button from Sim City Social
Once you have the developer tools up on the Network view, you can try posting from the game.  After you click the button, you should see the following error in the developers tool window:

You are looking for the red “” error on the left side pane.  This is the record for the rejected wall message and contains the details of what tried to be posted.  Don’t worry if you don’t see it on the bottom as in my screenshot, just look for it on the left. Scroll up/down the left pane if necessary. Click on it once you see it.

4. Copy the link value from the error

Once you’ve click on the error entry from the left, make sure you are on the “Headers” tab on the right side pane.  It should be by default.  You simply want to scroll down the right side Headers pane looking for the header “Form Data.”  Within this section, you are looking for the field that says “link.”  I’ve highlighted this below:

5. Copy and Post the Link

Simply highlight the link value (starts with http and ends in .png as I’ve highlighted above) and copy it (after highlighting you can copy by right clicking the text and hitting copy, or hitting control+c.)  Now that you’ve copied the link, you can go to Facebook and paste it (control+v) into a status update to manually paste the link Facebook had ignored.  Once you paste the link into your status update field, it should immediately update showing you the formatted link & thumbnail so you’ll know you’ve copied it correctly. You can also direct message your link to Facebook friends.

That should do it!