QR Clock


Sun dials? Get with it caveman.

Analog wrist watches? That’s pure ‘50s tech old man.

Digital watches? Okay hipster, set your PBR down.

Checking your cell phone for the time? Can’t you afford a watch kid?

Scanning the QR code on your iPad to tell time? Welcome to the future sir… we’ve been expecting you.

With the free QR Clock app you can impress and amaze your friends, coworkers and relatives. QR Clock updates every second for the ultimate in time keeping accuracy. There are even three delightful themes to choose from. How can this marriage of technology and art be free? Because it’s from the future, aren’t you listening?

Just set your device so it won’t go to sleep or power down (you’ll probably want to be plugged in for that) and let QR Clock announce to the world that you demand the most contrived time keeping device available. That’s pure chronological ballin’.

Want QRClock for your iPhone or touch? Check out QR Clock Mini


Updated: May 26, 2011

Download for iPad

Requires iOs 4.0+

Download for iPhone

Requires iOs 4.0+

Download for Android

Requires 2.1+

Download for Blackberry

PlayBook 1.0

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