Trophy Maker App

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Make custom trophies to share with friends and family via Facebook or email.

If you’ve got an iPad you may prefer Trophy Maker HD, all the awesomeness of Trophy Maker but a lot bigger.

• Over 100 trophies
• Edit the trophy plaque to say anything you want
• Choose a 10 backgrounds
• Post to Facebook right from Trophy Maker
• Send trophies via email right from Trophy Maker
• Save trophies to your camera roll

Did your buddy just bring in a bumper crop of corn in Farmville? Post the Tractor trophy to their wall right in the Trophy Shop app. Or maybe their crops withered and died… that calls for the FAIL trophy.

Did the office nerd fix your VPN problems? Send them the Pocket Protector trophy to say thanks, or maybe use the Floppy, Computer, Mouse or Stapler… all those and more are right at your fingertips.

Did you kid score a wicket googly? Send them the Cricket trophy, yes cricket… plus there’s dozens of other sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis… the list goes on and on.


Released: June 01, 2010
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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